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JB Corgi   James Bond - 11 Different film related vehicles £ 65.99
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  Released by Corgi in 2002 and now getting highly sought after are these delightful James Bond vehicles in superb, ex shop-stock condition. I have 11 of the original set of 20, as follows: Toyota GT You Only Live Twice, Lotus Esprit For Your Eyes Only, Aston V8 The Living Daylights, Aston DB5 Thunderball, Merc Saloon Octopussy, Mustang Mach 1 Diamonds Are Forever, Aston DBS On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Renault Taxi A View To A Kill, Kenworth Tanker Licence To Kill, Double Deck Bus Live And Let Die and Chevy Truck From Russia With Love. They average out at less than 6 quid each including postage. Snap 'em up while you can!! Please note the photo has all 11 models but the remainder are not included in this sale.  
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